Mark Jones
Spiritual Medium & Healing

Mark is a compassionate and caring human being, and with this takes a great lot of responsibility, honour and privilege in his ability to capture the true essence of your loved one by the use of all of his senses, and the true power of the spoken word. With this  he has the ability & the integrity to bring forward the essence of your loved one, recreating them in front of your eyes in a sincere and empathic manor.
Mark will then deliver your loved ones messages of gratitude, guidance and encouragement.

The main fuel to this driving force behind him & us all, is the varying strands of unconditional love we send to our loved ones throughout the day. These strands are then woven into the fabric & building blocks that help create the world unseen, thus giving them an infinite power to be channelled & utilised in best way possible, which for Mark, has to be the ability to heal another, by removing or easing any suffering, mental, physical or spiritual.
Energy follows thought & does not dissolve or diminish in any way.